Masterclass LVL 1 [KL] 3rd Batch

Thank you to everyone that came to participate in our Nekderx Masterclass Level 1 in KL. We hope you enjoyed this class that focused on Foiling Highlights [Money Piece 重点挑染, Strandlights 幼细挑染, Babylights 中细挑染, Point highlights 重点挑染] and can't wait to see you in Masterclass Lvl 2 & 3!

Balayage is an essential skill that every hairdresser needs to master. This one-day course will help you achieve the perfect balayage results every time so that you can achieve the trendiest colour gradation in the most time efficient way possible. Master the art of a seamless blend from roots to end and learn the perfect application technique to balayage. This Masterclass Level 1 course is just the beginning to a deeper understanding of the world of balayage and is a prerequisite to attend our other Masterclasses.