Milbon Cronna Launch

Milbon's newest line, Cronna, has finally made its debut in Malaysia this July.

Held in our Nekderx Studio, we invited some of our honoured Milbon customers to the launch where they are introduced to Cronna and the ability to try the product first hand. Cronna is a combination of the words "crono" and "donna" which aims to make women ageless through time as we preserve the beauty of the hair, capturing the beauty of women.

Kameya-san, Milbon's educator gave a short introduction to the range and the science behind each product followed by a hands on trial of the treatment and home care products. A quaint lunch gathering was hosted at a nearby cafe with Cronna themed decor where customers are able to mingle and share their thoughts about the new range.

There are 5 items in this Cronna line-up:

1. After Colour Treatment (In-salon)
2. After Colour Treatment (Take-home)
3. Cleansing Spa Shampoo Sumi
4. Moisturizing Spa Shampoo Honey
5. Shampoo for Coloured Hair
6. Treatment for Coloured Hair
7. Day & Night Oil